Draw Club 2020


We would like to thank everyone for their support of this venture over the past year. We have been able to maintain the prize money at £25, £10 and £5 per month with one bonus month in December seeing prizes of £40, £30, £20 and £10. The Draws themselves were completed for January and February as normal at Guild Meetings. However Lockdown forced us to find new ways to operate! In June we were able to open our ‘Virtual Pub’ among a small group of Ringers and the draws for March to June were done on a pub night by my neighbour witnessed by pub clients. July, August and September were also drawn at the pub by guests, David and Hazel Allen. The October, November and December draws were completed on 21st December at Bulkington Community Library by one of the volunteers, 91 year old Dorothy!

A list of winners for each month has been published in ‘Guild Matters’ on the CDG Website and a comprehensive list included in the Guild Report for 2020. I include a composite list of winners at the bottom. We have handed £540 over to The Bell Repair Fund at the end of the Year: by law we can only hand over to the fund as much as we give out in prize money. However some winners elected not to take their prizes but donated their money to the BRF – bonus!

Joy Pluckrose

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