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The Guild Newsletter is published quarterly and is distributed to the Districts at each of the quarterly Whole Guild Meetings which are held in January, April, July and October, in rotation between the districts.

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Berkswell Ringers Bike Ride

On Sunday 16th September, members of the Berkswell band of ringers will take to the saddle again and support fellow ringer Sue Webb by taking part in the Balsall Common Save the Children sponsored cycle ride. We last took part in 2016 and between us, tackled each of the three routes of 20; 40; and 60 miles and raised over £2000. We hope that many of you will encourage us to go that extra mile by sponsoring the cycle team again.

Our Justgiving page can be found HERE

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

Steve Tibbetts

Guild Training Sessions

Following the summer holiday, the Guild training sessions will resume on 22nd September. This will be the third year the Guild has run these events and it is hoped more members will come and join these popular sessions. They will run on the fourth Saturday morning of the month, so they do not clash with District events and at central towers within our Guild.

At Stoneleigh, the focus will be on rounds and call changes; Leek Wootton on Plain Hunt and Bob Doubles and at Honiley on Grandsire, Stedman and minor methods. In addition, Leek Wootton will hold a familiarisation session for anyone thinking about learning to ring.

There will be two sessions at each tower; each lasting for 1 hour 15 minutes and the numbers of learners is restricted to allow maximum rope time. Each session is supported by experienced ringers.

In addition on the third Wednesday of the month, there is an 8 bell practice at St Nicholas Warwick from 6.30-7.30pm. This is to give people the opportunity of ringing on 8 with an experienced band.

Dates for the diary are:

Saturday morning training sessions: 22nd September; 27th October and 24th November.

The 8 bell practices: 19th September; 17th October and 21st November.

If you would like to find out more information, please send your enquiry to:-

CCCBR Workgroup Update

Back in June, following the CCCBR annual meeting in Lancaster, the President circulated a couple of updates – “What happens now” and a “Who’s Who” of the new workgroup leads. As promised, here is a further update, reporting on workgroup current activity and initiatives as well as future plans.

Ringers can be reassured that plenty is going on. The Executive have commenced a schedule of monthly skype briefings, with a focus not only on important items of governance, but also on the practical activity programmes of workgroups. In turn, Workgroup Leads have been in consultation with workgroup members and the wider ringing community to determine specific actions and initiatives. To avoid any potential “silos” forming, the Workgroup Leads have themselves been liaising to identify any crossover of work, and opportunities for collaboration. A joint Executive and Workgroup Lead away-day on Sunday 1stJuly provided an excellent opportunity to bring all these elements together into a cohesive framework of activity.

As the ringing community rightly expects, our focus is to provide services and support FOR RINGERS and RINGING – for Associations, for towers, and for individuals. A key aim is to preserve and celebrate the best of existing practice, while building on this through activities clearly linked to our mission and vision. To find out more go to the CCCBR website

Louise Nightingale
Workgroup Lead - Communications & Marketing

It's a Lock-Out!

While most of us will have experienced the occasional lock-out of towers while on an outing, those of us lucky enough to enjoy a very pleasant outing organised by the Aston Cantlow ringers recently had the novel experience of being locked out of the pub that had been arranged for lunch! Impeccable planning could not have foreseen the water mains burst in the High Street of Coleshill that closed a good part of the town for business.

As bad luck would have it, Roger and I saw the "Closed" notice on the front door of the pub, while the rest of the group were sensibly at the back, using the pub carpark, when they found out. With some good local knowledge they chose an alternative pub a good walk/drive away. Meanwhile we unfortunately set off on a pub-crawl in the opposite direction, trying to resist the temptation of a drink at every stop.....

Eventually of course, mobile phones came to our rescue, but not before a call to friends in Warwick to get our numbers! The problem would have been solved much more quickly by younger ringers with their social media groups etc. However, for us older ringers the moral is to check you've got all the contact numbers with you that just might be useful, then to remember to turn phones on again, possibly on loud, after you've been ringing or driving, and finally, as was learnt after a different outing this summer, to pick the phone up from a seat in one of the towers!

Barbara Howes

The Ringers