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Pillerton Hersey - Good News

This has been posted online by The Keltek Trust

"Last year we reported that the unringable three at Pillerton Hersey, Warwickshire are to be restored and augmented to four bells with the addition of a bell ex-Adlestrop. We are pleased to report that subject to faculty they are to be augmented to five.

The costs of the additional bell & fittings are to be met by the Keltek Trust and the Coventry DG BRF (subject to trustees and members approval); Taylor's have generously offered to install FOC if it can be done at the same time as the work on the four bells. Installation work is scheduled to start in November."

We will vote on our contribution to this at the October Meeting at Brinklow.  Please come along to share your views.

CCCBR reform – Phase II


I last wrote in late August, reporting on progress with reform and renewal of our central ringing organisation. I am now writing to give a further progress report, and to call for volunteers as Workgroup Leaders or helpers. All ringers are invited to volunteer, which can be either self-nominations or the nomination of someone else (in which case it requires their consent). Full details, and a link to the online form, are given below.

By way of a brief reminder, the Council Review and Action Group (CRAG) was set up following a vote at the Central Council’s meeting in 2016. Its recommendations were brought to the Council’s annual meeting in May 2017. The full CRAG report, including its scope, methodology and proposals, can be found here:

The story so far In the CRAG final report, Appendix Q proposed an indicative timeline for activities surrounding the reorganisation of CCCBR. Here is a taste of key actions from that timeline:

  • A ii Develop and publish draft 5-year strategy for consultation September – November 2017 - Commenced
  • B vi Make appointments to Executive June – November 2017 - Completed
  • C Confirm workgroup configurations and responsible Executives June – August 2017 - Commenced
  • C i Recruit Workgroup Leaders September – December 2017 - NOW OPEN!
  • E i Develop service offering for direct membership June 2017 – May 2018 - Commenced
  • F ii Scope out creation of employed professional support group June 2017 – May 2018 - To start
  • G Appoint neutral ringer to undertake Decisions replacement June – August 2017 - Completed
  • H Recruit Rules redesign group June – August 2017 - Completed

Having reported on appointments to the Executive (in my message of August 2017), I am now inviting expressions of interest for leadership and helper roles on “workgroups”.

What are Workgroups?

Recommendation C of CRAG’s final report is introduced as follows –

“The new Executive will, by November 2017, realign the current committees into a significantly reduced number (single figures) of Workgroups, each led by an individual Workgroup Leader.”

The CRAG report describes this concept at length. Although it may appear that this realignment is merely an aggregation of CCCBR’s existing Committees, the concept is much bolder than that. Workgroups are the way that the CCCBR will deliver its plans. While they will of course continue some of the work of the former committees their priorities will be determined by the overall strategy of the CCCBR and what is necessary to strengthen and refresh ringing. Workgroups and their leaders will work closely with the executive, other workgroups and people from outside the CCCBR for a healthy future for ringing.

The CRAG report proposed a set of workgroups that require skilled, charismatic and handson leaders and helpers. These are as follows:

  • Volunteer and Leadership Development (working with David Smith and Alison Everett)
  • Tower Stewardship and Management (working with David Kirkcaldy and Ernie de Legh-Runciman)
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Historical and Archive
  • Direct membership channel (helpers working with Phillip Barnes)

There is one other workgroup for which a leader has already been identified, and this will be announced in due course.

How to get involved Using the same mechanisms as in Phase I, I invite all interested ringers to visit the “reform” page on the CCCBR website and complete the nomination form:

The online form will be open until Friday 29th September. I should clarify that those who responded in Phase I are still very much in the mix, and don’t need to re-submit. Furthermore, existing Central Council Representatives are particularly encouraged to put their names forward to assist with these new structures.

Do please think carefully about what you can do for ringing, and volunteer for one (or more) of these roles. This is a fantastic opportunity to make a difference. To give something back to ringing. To build and secure a bright future for ringing.

Yours in ringing,
Christopher O’Mahony
President Central Council of Church Bell Ringers

80th Anniversary at Church Lawford

On Saturday 24 July 1937 the new ring of six bells at Church Lawford were dedicated by the Lord Bishop of Coventry. Eighty years later, almost to the day, we celebrated their 80th Anniversary on Sunday 23 July with a truly memorable Service of Celebration led by Archdeacon Alan Hawker.

The bells were rung before the service, the local ringers being joined by ringers from many towers in the area together with representation from John Taylors. It was also lovely to welcome back some who had rung at Church Lawford in the past who came to join us for this special occasion. The service was very much about the bells and included several elements from the original dedication service. After singing the bell ringers hymn, “Unchanging God”, prayers from the 1937 service were said in the belfry before the local ringers rang some call changes. The singing of “Ding dong merrily on high” caused much amusement bearing in mind we were in the month of July, it had been pointed out to the congregation that the words don’t actually make any reference to Christmas! The service ended with the singing of “Praise my soul the King of Heaven” the hymn used to conclude the service some 80 years ago.

Those present, whose numbers exceeded forty and included both parishioners and numerous visitors, were then treated to refreshments provided by the local ringers. A display about Church Lawford bells and our ringing activities mounted at the back of the church provided much interest and included a photograph of the bells in 1937. This shows them, after they had arrived at the church, on the path by the tower.

Bells in 1937

Janet Dew
Church Lawford Bellringers

Ringing for a Family Celebration

On Thursday 24th August 2017, the bells at St Nicholas Kenilworth rang out in celebration of a very special occasion.

One of the regular band George Kempton, married Lauren Edmunds. George is a member of a family of ringers. His parents, Doug & Jane Kempton, sisters Victoria & Emma, and grandparents Peter & Rosemary Spencer all ring regularly at St Nicholas.

Apart from Victoria and Emma who, together with Holly Gollop and Katie Edmunds, were bridesmaids, family members rang for a short time before the bride arrived and then other ringers and friends continued ringing, both before and after the service, which was conducted by Rev’d. Dwayne Engh.

Wedding Party

A quarter peal was rung earlier in the week at and a peal was rung in their honour on Saturday 26 August.

Rosemary Spencer
(A proud grannie)

Quarter Peal
Coventry Stoke, St Michael Method 23rd August 2017;
1296 Cambridge Surprise Minor
1 Ray Sheasby
2 Keith Chambers
3 Steve Tibbetts
4 Miles Chicken
5 David Harrison
6 Doug Kempton (C)
(Doug rings regularly at Stoke as well as St Nicholas.)

Coventry Diocesan Guild
Kenilworth, Warwickshire, St Nicholas~
Saturday, 26th August 2017 2h 41m (14)
5040 Plain Bob Minor
(7 different extents)
1 Victoria Kempton
2 Ray Sheasby
3 Jane Kempton (1st peal for 30 years)
4 Chris Bostock
5 Doug Kempton
6 Andrew Alldrick (C)