The Coventry Diocesan Guild covers most, but not all, of Warwickshire and also the western part of The West Midlands, around the Coventry area.

The Guild is currently split into three districts; based around Coventry, Rugby and Warwick.

The districts usually meet on a Saturday in each month and have other regular events throughout the year. Recently, the Coventry District has tended to meet during the week at local practices.  The Rugby Deanery meet on the second Saturday of the month and the Warwick Archdeaconry on the third Saturday of each month.

Please look at the Guild Calendar for more details of district events and also the Practice Calendar for details of when towers hold their practices.

Coventry District Towers:-

Allesley, All Saints, West Midlands: 8; 12-0-0 in G#
Ansley, St Lawrence, Warwickshire: 6; 8-1-4 in G#
Ansty, St James, Warwickshire: 4; 4-3-0 in D Bells Unringable
Arley, St Wilfred, Warwickshire: 6; 7-0-12 in Ab (GF)
Ashow, Church of the Assumption of Our Lady, Warwickshire: 4; 6-0-0 in B
Astley, St Mary the Virgin, Warwickshire: 5; 8-2-9 in F# Minor
Atherstone, St Mary, Warwickshire: 8; 8-1-6 in A
Bedworth, All Saints, Warwickshire: 8; 14-0-18 in G
Berkswell, St John the Baptist, Warwickshire: 6; 16-2-17 in F (GF)
Bulkington, St James, Warwickshire: 8; 12-1-23 in G
Burton Hastings, St Botolph, Warwickshire: 5; 6-3-9 in B
Chilvers Coton (Nuneaton), All Saints, Warwickshire: 10; 13-1-24 in F Corley, (Dedication unknown), Warwickshire: 5; 5-1-16 in C (GF) Rung from the Nave.
Coventry Cathedral, St Michael, West Midlands: 13; 33-3-6 in C# Including flat 6th.
Coventry,Stoke, St Michael, West Midlands: 8; 13-1-9 in F# (GF)
Exhall, St Giles, Warwickshire Bells: 6; 6-2-6 in B (GF)
Fillongley, St Mary and All Saints, Warwickshire: 8; 10-3-23 in F
Hatton, Holy Trinity, Warwickshire Bells: 6; 13-2-18 in F# (GF)
Honiley, St John the Baptist, Warwickshire: 6; 6-2-4 in A
Kenilworth, St Nicholas, Warwickshire: 6; 14-0-22 in F#
Keresley, St Thomas, West Midlands: 6; 3-3-10 in D
Leek Wootton, All Saints, Warwickshire: 5; 8-0-0 in A. Anticlockwise.
Mancetter, St Peter, Warwickshire: 5; 20-2-0 in Eb. Anticlockwise.
Meriden, St Lawrence, West Midlands: 5; 7-0-1 in B. Anticlockwise.
Nuneaton, St Nicholas, Warwickshire: 8; 14-1-5 in E
Rowington, St Laurence, Warwickshire: 6; 13-3-0 in F (GF) Rung from Chancel.
Shilton, St Andrew, Warwickshire: 6; 6-3-0 in Bb (GF)
Stoneleigh, St Mary, Warwickshire: 6; 10-2-14 in G
Walsgrave on Sowe, St Mary, West Midlands: 6; 6-1-15 in B
Withybrook, All Saints, Warwickshire: 4; 8-0-0 in Ab (GF)
Wolvey, St John the Baptist, Warwickshire: 6; 12-0-24 in G

There is a District 10-Bell Practice at Chilvers Coton on the first Monday of each month.

Rugby Deanery Towers:-

Bilton, St Mark, Warwickshire: 6; 9-0-25 in Ab
Brinklow, St John the Baptist, Warwickshire: 8; 8-1-20 in Ab
Bubbenhall, St Giles, Warwickshire: 6; 5-1-13 in Bb (GF)
Church Lawford, St Peter, Warwickshire: 6; 7-3-5 in Bb (GF)
Churchover, Holy Trinity, Warwickshire: 4; 7-0-0 in Bb (GF); Bells Unringable
Clifton Upon Dunsmore, St Mary the Virgin, Warwickshire: 6; 9-2-17 in F# (GF)
Dunchurch, St Peter, Warwickshire: 6; 17-0-8 in E
Frankton, St Nicholas, Warwickshire: 4; 8-0-0 in Ab; Anticlockwise.
Grandborough, St Peter, Warwickshire: 5; 16-2-18 in F# (GF); Bells Unringable
Hillmorton, St John the Baptist, Warwickshire Bells: 6; 12-0-20 in F
Leamington Hastings, All Saints, Warwickshire Bells: 5; 15-3-21 in E
Monks Kirby, St Edith, Warwickshire Bells: 8; 24-2-7 in D
Newbold on Avon, St Botolph, Warwickshire Bells: 10; 12-0-1 in F
Rugby, St Andrew, Warwickshire Bells: East Tower 8; 24-3-8 in D. Also West Tower 5; 9-2-3 in Ab
Ryton-on-Dunsmore, St Leonard, Warwickshire Bells: 8; 9-3-6 in F#
Stretton-on-Dunsmore, All Saints, Warwickshire Bells: 6; 7-0-14 in B
Willoughby, St Nicholas, Warwickshire Bells: 6; 14-2-0 in F (GF)
Wolston, St Margaret, Warwickshire Bells: 8; 11-0-2 in Ab (GF) Rung from Chancel.

Warwick Archdeaconry Towers:-

Alcester, St Nicholas, Warwickshire: 8; 12-2-13 in F#
Alderminster, St Mary Holy Cross, Warwickshire: 6; 12-0-26 in F
Alveston, St James, Warwickshire Bells: 6; 7-2-0 in A
Aston Cantlow, St John the Baptist, Warwickshire: 6; 14-0-14 in F
Avon Dassett, St John the Baptist, Warwickshire: 5; 7-0-0 in A. – Restricted Ringing
Barford, St Peter, Warwickshire: 6; 4-3-22 in B
Bidford on Avon,St Laurence, Warwickshire: 8; 14-0-24 in F (GF)
Bishops Itchington, St Michael, Warwickshire Bells: 5; 9-2-6 in Ab
Bishops Tachbrook, St Chad, Warwickshire: 3; 6-3-10 in Bb
Brailes, St George, Warwickshire: 6; 29-0-19 in C
Burton Dassett, All Saints, Warwickshire: 6; 13-0-0 in F
Butlers Marston, SS Peter & Paul, Warwickshire: 6; 14-0-20 in G (GF)
Chadshunt, All Saints, Warwickshire: 6; 13-0-0 in F# (GF)
Cherington, All Saints, Warwickshire: 6; 5-3-22 in B (GF)
Claverdon, St Michael and All Angels, Warwickshire: 6; 11-1-23 in F#
Clifford Chambers, St Helen, Warwickshire: 6; 7-3-2 in A
Coughton, St Peter, Warwickshire: 6; 11-2-20 in F
Cubbington, St Mary, Warwickshire: 6; 10-1-19 in G
Ettington, Holy Trinity & St Thomas of Canterbury, Warwickshire: 4; 10-0-0 in Ab Restricted Ringing
Farnborough, St Botolph, Warwickshire: 6; 6-1-12 in Bb
Fenny Compton, St Peter & St Clare, Warwickshire: 3; 7cwt in Bb (GF)
Great Wolford, St Michael, Warwickshire: 6; 11-3-7 in F#
Halford,Warwickshire: 6; 7-2-16 in A (GF)
Harbury, All Saints, Warwickshire: 8; 12-0-14 in G OS
Henley In Arden,St John the Baptist, Warwickshire: 6; 11-3-4 in F#
Honington, All Saints, Warwickshire Bells: 6; 13-0-0 in Ab (GF)
Ilmington, St Mary, Warwickshire: 8; 12-3-26 in E (GF)
Kineton, St Peter, Warwickshire – CC Recognised Ringing Centre: 8; 10-0-5 in F#
Ladbroke, All Saints, Warwickshire: 5; 13-1-22 in F#
Leamington Spa, All Saints, Warwickshire: 8; 12-3-16 in G
Leamington Spa, CV32 7EW Leamington Spa, St Peter (Roman Catholic), Warwickshire: 8; 16-0-4 in F.
Lighthorne, St Laurence, Warwickshire: 6; 6-2-6 in B
Lillington, St Mary Magdalene, Warwickshire: 8; 9-0-18 in F#
Long Compton, SS Peter & Paul, Warwickshire Bells: 6; 12-0-22 in F
Long Itchington, Holy Trinity, Warwickshire: 4; 8-2-0 in A
Napton on the Hill, St Lawrence, Warwickshire: 6; 11-2-0 in F (GF)~
Newbold Pacey, St George, Warwickshire: 4; 7-0-0 in B
Offchurch, St Gregory, Warwickshire: 6; 13-3-26 in F
Oxhill, St Laurence, Warwickshire: 5; 8-1-3 in Ab (GF)
Preston on Stour, St Mary, Warwickshire: 3; 8cwt in Bb
Priors Hardwick, St Mary the Blessed Virgin, Warwickshire: 3; 8cwt in Bb(GF)
Priors Marston,St Leonard, Warwickshire: 6; 14-0-0 in F Anticlockwise, (GF)
Radford Semele, St Nicholas, Warwickshire: 6; 9-3-19 in F#
Radway, St Peter, Warwickshire: 5; 5-0-26 in B (GF)
Salford Priors, St Matthew, Warwickshire: 8; 15-0-14 in F#
Sherbourne, All Saints, Warwickshire: 6; 11-1-17 in F#
Shipston on Stour, St Edmund, Warwickshire: 6; 9-2-1 in G
Shotteswell, St Laurence, Warwickshire: 6; 9-1-0 in G (GF)
Snitterfield, St James the Great, Warwickshire: 6; 16-1-13 in F
Southam, St James, Warwickshire: 8; 15-1-25 in E (GF)
Stratford Upon Avon, Holy Trinity, Warwickshire: 10; 19-0-2 in E
Studley, Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary: 8; 11-1-9 in G
Sutton under Brailes, St Thomas á Becket, Warwickshire: 5; 8-3-22 in Ab (GF)
Tredington, St Gregory, Warwickshire: 6; 16-1-20 in Eb (GF)
Tysoe, The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Warwickshire: 6; 12-0-18 in F
Ullenhall, St Mary the Virgin, Warwickshire: 8; 3-0-25 in Eb. Anticlockwise.
Warwick St Mary, Warwickshire: 10, 24-3-20 in D
Warwick St Nicholas, Warwickshire: 8; 15-2-20 in F – Ringing Currently Suspended Due to Spire Problems
Wellesbourne, St Peter, Warwickshire: 8; 10-0-24 in G (GF)
Weston Under Wetherley, St Michael, Warwickshire: 4; 8-0-0 in A Bells
Whichford, St Michael, Warwickshire: 8; 12-3-23 in G (GF)
Whitnash, St Margaret, Warwickshire: 8; 10-1-15 in G
Wootton Wawen, St Peter, Warwickshire: 6; 10-2-6 in F#Hr />

Other Warwickshire Towers:-

The following are in the County of Warwickshire, but are not in the Coventry Diocese. In addition, only those towers towards the east of the West Midlands are in the Coventry Diocese. If the tower you are looking for is not listed here, then check further with the Dove’s Guide website for details.

1. Towers in the Gloucester and Bristol Association (Website):-
Lower Quinton, S Swithin (GF), 6, 13-0-27 in F#.
Welford on Avon, S Peter, 8, 9-3-1 in G#

2. Towers in the Oxford Diocesan Guild (Website):-
Little Compton, S Denys (GF), 5, 6-2-6 in A.

3. Towers in the St Martin’s Guild for the Diocese of Birmingham (Website):-
Austrey, S Nicholas, 5, 13½cwt in F
Coleshill, SS Peter & Paul, 10, 14-0-24 in F#.
Grendon, All Saints, 6, 11-2-14 in G
Kingsbury, SS Peter & Paul, 8, 17-1-0 in E
Lea Marston, Warw, S John Bapt, 3, 6-1-8 in B. Anti-clockwise
Middleton, S John Bapt (GF), 3, 8-3-1 in G
Nether Whitacre, S Giles, 6, 10-1-0 in G
Newton Regis, S Mary, 3, 9-0-5 in G
Packwood, S Giles (GF), 8, 6-3-14 in Bb
Polesworth, S Editha, 8, 11-2-11 in F
Seckington, All Saints (GF), 4, 5-3-24 in B
Tanworth in Arden, S Mary Magd, 8, 12-1-5 in F#
Wishaw, S Chad, 3, 6-0-6 in Bb

4. Towers in Private Ownership (Website)
Wroxall S Leonard, 3, 9cwt in A. Unringable.