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ART Conducting Course

A bright sunny warm day on Saturday 14th April, heralded the start of a new era, for eleven ringers from across the Guild, keen to enter the world of conducting. Simon Linford from Birmingham led the ART Conducting Course, taking us step by step through the core essentials. He was extremely patient with us, happy to answer all our questions, leaping through to the end of his presentation in response to questions about surprise methods or major, or re-covering ground on how to see coursing orders (again and again!!), from different angles.

The practical aspects mostly focused on Plain Bob Minor and also brought in some Little Bob, while discussions ranged up to Bristol Maximus, and why Yorkshire is best.

An anti-clockwise ring was never going to be easy to ring, and, in fact, it was the stimulus for many mistakes. This was, however, very useful for us trying to use our conducting skills to work out what should be going on.

The handouts were helpfully titled “Starting to Conduct” – enabling us to be proud that at least we have taken this first step on what is to perhaps be quite a long journey. Some of us thought perhaps we should have an innate ability to be able to crack this in one afternoon, and got quite frustrated, but Simon was able to adapt to our comments and explain things in a variety of ways until all of us had at least one “lightbulb moment”.

One of the key things we learnt, was that like any other skill we have gained in ringing, it is one step at a time. I believe there is a long hill ahead of us to climb, but at least now we have a map and compass, and know how to orientate them – it will be an interesting journey for all of us.

It was a great experience to be in a group of people that we have rung with from across the Guild, whether it be at practice nights or quarter peals or ringing competitions – for that afternoon, it brought us all together with a common goal; I look forward to the future to see how we all develop from this invaluable training afternoon. Perhaps one day we will be able to call ourselves “conductors”.


Leslie Lunn - RIP

I am sorry to report that Leslie Lunn passed away this morning, Monday March 19th 2018, aged 95.

Only a week ago he was still ringing with us at Berkswell, but was admitted to Warwick Hospital last Friday after Paramedics were called out twice during the week - back pain /breathlessness/hardly able to stand etc. On investigation he was found to have had a heart attack.

His son Harry was due to arrive this morning from Australia. At the time of writing I don't know if he arrived in time. Other members of his family were with him.

Only last year he was recognised as the most senior ringer in the Coventry Diocesan Guild.

I will advise of the funeral arrangements in due course.

Our thoughts are with his family.

Steve Tibbetts

Ringing Competition Results

Here are the results of the 6-Bell Ringing Competition, which was held at Bilton on Saturday, March 10th.

Rang Tower Method Faults Place
1st Rugby Grandsire Doubles 27 4th - Method
2nd Coventry Cathedral Cambridge S Minor 21 3rd - Method
3rd Bulkington Grandsire Doubles  35  6th - Method 
4th Leek Wootton Call Changes  50 2nd - Call Changes
Leek Wootton
5th Leek Wooton B (Scratch Band) Call Changes 65 -----
Leek Wootton B
6th Bilton Grandsire Doubles 12 1st Method
7th Warwick Cambridge S Minor  14  2nd Method 
8th Berkswell Call Changes 46 1st Call Changes 
9th Aston Cantlow St Columb Doubles  37 7th Method
Aston Cantlow
10th Lillington Plain Bob Doubles  30 5th Method 
11th Youth Team (Scratch Band) Plain Bob Doubles  42  -----
Youth Team

 Our congratulations go to Bilton, winners of the Method Competition and also to Berkswell, winners of the Call Change Competition.

Method Cup
Judge David Westerman presenting the Method Section Cup to the Bilton Ringers.......
Call Changes
... and the Call Change Cup to the Berkswell ringers


Our thanks go to our judge, David Westerman from the Peterborough DG

Draft Reports 2017

The Officers Reports for 2017 which will be put forward for adoption at the AGM may be read here:-

Central Council AGM - Elections

Due to an even more increased workload this year, as well as an ailing parent, Caroline Stockmann does not have the time to do justice to the Public Relations Officer role, and is reluctantly stepping down to open the opportunity for someone else to do what is a very worthwhile and enjoyable role.

Please draw this opportunity to your members' attention and circulate widely - you do NOT need to be a Council Member already to stand for election to this position.

You also don't need to be a Council Member already to stand for election to the proposed new Executive, and again please draw this opportunity to your members' attention.

Nominations, duly proposed and seconded by Council Members, must reach me by 27 March. A nomination form and the formal notice of the meeting are on the Council's website at

Mary Bone
CCCBR Secretary

Central Council Annual Meeting Weekend

Saturday 26 to Monday 28 May, 2018


This year, the Central Council meeting weekend is following a NEW format, themed on inclusion and outreach. As well as the annual meeting itself, there is a wide variety of seminars, sessions, stalls and activities on offer for ALL ringers. Here’s a flavour:

Available all weekend:

  • Lichfield Mobile Belfry running demonstrations
  • Carter Ringing Machine and Woodhouse Ringing Machine running demonstrations
  • First World War Rolls of Honour on display
  • CCCBR publications stall
  • Association of Ringing Teachers stall

Saturday afternoon activities:

  • Hands-on tower maintenance seminar (courtesy of the current Towers & Belfries Committee)
  • Stewardship & Management Guidance seminar (courtesy of the current Tower Stewardship Committee)
  • Biographies seminar (courtesy of the current Biographies Committee)
  • Bell Restoration Projects seminar (courtesy of the current Bell Restoration Committee)
  • Public Relations seminar (courtesy of the current PR Committee) ·
  • Youth Leadership Forum

Sunday afternoon activities:

  • An open meeting by the Guild of Clerical Ringers on the theme of mature clergy/ringer relations, challenges and opportunities
  • An open meeting on the proposed new central ringing organisation rulebook

Day tickets are available for £12 per person – with free entry for under 18s!

Follow this link to find out more and secure your booking!

First Ladies QP at the Cathedral

Coventry, West Midlands, Cathedral Church of St Michael
Sunday, 25 February 2018 in 51 m (15)
1260 Grandsire Triples
1 Ruth Border
2 Janice Sheasby
3 Barbara Howes
4 Becki Johnson
5 Annie Hall
6 Christine F Homer (C)
7 Joy Pluckrose
8 Karen French
Rung by present and past Guild Officers and Committee Members.
Believed to be the first ‘all ladies’ band to ring a quarter at the Cathedral,



Two photos of the band, to ensure that everyone is photographed.  Spot the photographer competition?

Edward “Ted” James Copson 13th January 1934 – 26th December 2017

Ted was born and brought up in Warwick. The family lived in Theatre Street, Warwick; he was educated at Warwick School and left at sixteen to join Warwickshire County Council. His career took him to a number of departments, finishing as purchasing officer for the county. In 1991 the department was closed when purchasing was combined with Leicestershire CC, so Ted took early retirement.

Ted CopsonTed was a keen member of The Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, and it was at one of their meetings that he met Pam Sturdy, who was to be his future wife. They married at St Mary’s Church, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham in 1971.

After marrying, they bought their first house in Barford. They joined All Saints’ Church at Sherbourne, where they both took charge of the bellringing and established a weekly practice late on Friday afternoons. They also organised ringing for the Sunday services and special occasions.

They lived in Barford until 1977, when they moved to a new house in Wellesbourne but still continued to organise ringing at Sherbourne. Ted was also a big supporter of St Peter’s Church, Wellesbourne, where he and Pam rang for practice and Sunday services. He was Tower Captain at St Peter’s for a short spell, and when he was unable to ring anymore he would still come along to practices so that he could enjoy a pint and a chat afterwards.

Ted supported the church at Wellesbourne in other ways: he was at one time a member of the PCC, chairman of the fabric committee for a number of years and a loyal sidesman, and always very willing to do any small DIY jobs for the churches both at Wellesbourne and Sherbourne. He supported ringing at Stratford upon Avon on Tuesdays and The Four Shires Guild of Bell Ringers Saturday evening meetings, as that was also another good excuse for him to go for a pint and a chat afterwards. He was not a prolific peal ringer, ringing just three peals, all for the Coventry Guild. But he and Pam rang many quarter peals, and during Pam’s time as the president of the Coventry Guild they attempted to ring a quarter peal in all ringable towers in the diocese.

Ted was a proficient German linguist and spent many hours at Stratford College on Wednesday evenings learning the language; he and Pam had numerous holidays in Austria and Germany so he could perfect his skills.

Sherbourne Teaching Aids, a range of resources including the ‘One Per Learner’ book, was the inspiration of Pam, written by hand in 1982; after she died in 2007 Ted continued to distribute these until he went into a nursing home almost two years ago. It is a legacy that some 4,000 items, including 2,500 One Per Learner books, were purchased in 2017, and they are still going strong.

Ted’s funeral took place at All Saints’ Church, Sherbourne on Friday, 26th January 2018. There was a congregation of about 70, with ringers represented from three counties. The bell were rung half-muffled before and after the service. A peal of Yorkshire Surprise Major was rung at St Peter’s Wellesbourne on Monday, 15th January 2018 in his memory by members of the Coventry Guild, and a halfmuffled quarter peal of 1260 Grandsire and Plain Bob Doubles was rung at All Saints’ Sherbourne on Monday, 28th January by ringers from Wellesbourne and Sherbourne, in thanksgiving for Ted’s life. 

Peter Quinn

Happy Birthday Les!

Leslie LunnLeslie LunnIf you remember, back in June of 2017, we held a special celebration for Leslie Lunn as he was the most senior ringer in the Coventry Diocesan Guild still ringing for Sunday service at the grand age of 94.

On Saturday January 27th 2018, Les celebrated his 95th birthday by inviting family and friends, including those from Australia and 9 fellow bell ringers to a special birthday lunch at Nailcote Hall, Berkswell.

After a sumptuous lunch, Les was presented with a birthday celebration plate decorated with chocolate and then, to the rendition of Happy Birthday, in came the birthday cake in the shape of a bell, complete with clapper and sally.

Gordon Hubbleday, a fellow ringer, has arranged for Les to be a guest of honour at RAF Cosford later this year, in recognition of service to his country. He also presented Les with a medal that celebrates 100 years of the Royal Air Force.

Les enjoyed the day immensely and was thrilled to bits that so many people were with him for his birthday lunch and the ringers were delighted to have been invited to take part in Les’s special birthday celebration.

Pillerton Hersey Restoration
It all started with a cream tea…

The Church

On a sunny summer Sunday in August, soon after moving into the area eleven years ago, Sue & I were tempted by the roadside adverts – ‘Cream teas - Sunday afternoons in August – Pillerton Hersey Church’.

So, keen to partake, off we went to discover a tiny village, population 170, with a lovely church displaying tables & chairs in the churchyard all laden with cakes and cups of tea, being eagerly disposed of by locals, passing cyclists - and before long, us.

Lowering a bellThree ropes hung from the tower ceiling and we were told the bells were not allowed to be rung because of their condition. Maybe not we said, but we can chime them and make a noise – which we did to be greeted by great applause from the churchyard. A nice sounding three in a minor key.

Two of those present were residents Derrick & Krystina Allen (left) who seemed interested and I invited them and others to come to Kineton so that I could teach them how to chime which would allow their bells to be heard. After a practice session we then went to Pillerton to practice and my heart sank. They were very, very hard to chime with the old clappers hung on baldricks not at all keen to move freely!

Undaunted though they took to it and since that time the bells have been chimed for weddings and some services. To chime the treble you had to stand 2 feet up on a chest and few could manage chiming at all for more than a few minutes before needing to rest – sometimes a ‘strapper’ was needed! Later they both learned to handle a bell properly. By coincidence there was a family in the Village with a ringing pedigree and we started to teach Jonnie Rogers and his brother Alexander through the Warwick School group. Father David (giver of lifts) followed suit!

An inspection of the 1901 Bond installation showed it to be unusual - the three-bell frame was so far to one side of the tower that it emerged into the spiral stairway only an inch or two from the central pillar! As you progressed up the stairs you were met with a barrier which was the corner of the frame and the arch over the doorway to the belfry had been shaved to allow the movement of the second clapper. Strangely there was about 3 feet of spare room on the other side of the belfry and it looked as if the clock weights (no longer in use) had governed the position of the frame.

Wheels were in poor order and headstocks had some worm and the whole room a mess of sticks. It was not clear how stable the ancient supporting beams were, so ringing full circle seemed unwise.

Undaunted Derrick took up the challenge and spent days removing sticks and detritus. Money was being raised to repair the tower externally and install a kitchen and toilet facilities, so it was a few years later when the timing seemed right to suggest restoring the inside of the tower. With such a small population and continuing maintenance commitments on the building it was clear that funds would have to be raised externally and once again Derrick & Krystina took on the task and started fundraising and writing for grants.

The original plan was to re – use the three-bell frame and add steel pits for 2 more bells. Unfortunately, there would not be room to add a tenor to convert them into a major key. The village was happy with the concept of 4 bells but 5 was a step too far so that was very much a provision for the future only. The faculty was agreed following a site visit by several members of the DAC and others concerned with the project and Taylors were awarded the contract.

Fundraising proceeded steadily and then a fourth bell was found - a redundant bell from Adlestrop not far away. This was purchased and donated and the whole project got a boost!

In January 2017 the bells were removed – with some difficulty - by Simon Adams and a group of helpers and the Bond frame (composite wood & metal so never ideal) was found to be in poorer condition than expected and the suggestion was made by Taylors that it would be more effective and cost the same to install a new steel 5 bell frame with all the bells on the same level. This was willingly accepted as a better solution.

The BellsIn the summer of 2017 the village finally raised all the money and were feeling confident that it would finally all happen, and they would cope financially. Then out of the blue an offer from the Keltec Trust to donate a 5th bell and assist with the hanging costs. The Coventry Diocesan Guild who had already agreed a substantial grant then made an additional offer to help with some of the additional hanging costs and the village found itself with 5 bells with no extra worry about raising more funds. That offer was enthusiastically accepted!

In November & December 2017 there was a flurry of activity when volunteers from the Coventry Guild (and afar!) assisted Neil Thomas the Taylors Bell Hanger every day for over 3 weeks as the old frame and supporting woodwork was removed, mortar repaired, steels fitted, and eventually bells hung. Strangely Neil had removed the Adlestrop bell when he was working for Whitechapel!

Following a try out they were first rung for the carol service on the 17th December and again on Christmas Eve. At this stage with new, damp rope and, no guides they proved to be a little tricky but once the guides were installed in January they are very easy to handle indeed. The bells also rang in the new year when a gathering of villagers saw in the new year in the church tempted by prosecco and pork rolls.

The Try OutDerrick and Kristina moved from the village towards the end of the project but are still regular visitors and the boys we taught are now at university. Sadly, the benefice has 5 towers and only a couple of ringers so there is no band currently. An initiative to create a benefice band is in the early stages of planning and will happen when time permits.

Graham Nabb

The Bells

1. 3-2-25 1360.7hz F  26.00" 2016 John Taylor & Co
2. 3-3-17 1212.7hz Eb 27.00" 1711 Abraham I Rudhall
3. 4-1-19 1071.9hz Db 29.50" 1668 Henry I Bagley
4. 5-2-17 1016.7hz C  31.90" 1672 Henry I Bagley
5. 7-0-10  905.5hz Bb 35.40" 1602 Newcombe (generic)

Pillerton Hersey, Warwickshire St Mary
Thursday, 1 February 2018 (7)
1260 Grandsire Doubles
1 Lucy Gwynne
2 Sue Marshall
3 Becki Johnson
4 John Gwynne
5 Graham Nabb (C)
First quarter peal on the bells.

ART Conference 2018 – Comes to Royston!

ART will be holding its annual conference on 3/4 March at Royston, Herts. The exciting agenda includes a great line up of speakers, with keynotes by the St Martin’s Guild Ringing Master, Simon Linford, Matt Bulbeck a professional outdoor sports coach and bell ringing teacher, and Colin Parker, ringer, teacher and keen cricketer.

Reflecting the rapid proliferation of questions and concerns around recent events, new additions to the line-up include presentations about safeguarding, insurance and risk assessments. There will also be an opportunity to talk through any local issues with the experts will be available throughout the day.

Finally helping you put a positive spin on all this we have some lively “how to” sessions from the Central Council’s Caroline Stockmann and Kate Flavell.

The second day of the conference weekend concentrates on simulators and new technology and is hosted by the Central Council. Get up to speed on the latest hardware and software developments, find out how to use simulators to improve the learning experience and take the opportunity to try out the newest ideas for teaching using simulators on different systems. Sessions are tailored to new, occasional and more frequent users and a third of the time will be practical.

The ART Conference is ART’s leading national event and is open to anyone with an interest in ringing teaching and leadership. We would like to invite you to join us at Royston, Hertfordshire on 3 March 2018 for what is sure to be a full and interesting day. The ART Awards Ceremony will be accompanied by drinks and nibbles.

Book your conference place now

ART Conference Speakers

  • Simon Linford
    Brumdingers: the story of Moseley’s ringing group for kids
  • Matt Bulbeck
    Why I refuse to be called an Instructor: the differences between instructing, teaching and coaching
  • Colin Parker
    Engaging with young ringers: steps to success
  • Linda Garton and John Loveless
    Developing youth teams
  • Pip Penney
    Why do ringers keep ringing?
  • Veronica Downing
    Differences in learners and flexible teaching approaches
  • Vinni Sullivan & Ruth Suggett
    Small is beautiful: tales from ART Teaching Centres and Hubs
  • Marcus Booth
    Insurance & Bell Ringing: what you need to know
  • Andrea Watkins
    Volunteers, Safeguarding & the CofE
  • Caroline Stockmann and Kate Flavell
    Positive PR: ‘how to’ guide for towers and societies

Why not give it a go!

Download the Agenda


 2018 Edition Available

The latest newsletter is available to view as "Current Edition" and a printable version has been put into "Downloads".

Please note that the deadline for the following edition is Saturday 31th March 2018 and items submitted after this date may have to be held over until the July 2018 edition.


Ringing the New Year in at Radford Semele

Radford Semele Band

Helen, Diane, Claire and Fiona from Radford Semele were very grateful to Paul and Alice from Offchurch for making up the band to ring in the New Year. We have not been able to raise a band to ring in the New Year since before the fire so we were well pleased to do so this year. We then toasted the New Year with the rest of the Kaye family and Greg! Thank you all!

Rugby Deanery News

Autumn was quite a busy time in the Rugby Deanery, with Friday practices – including the new monthly advanced practices – covering a range of methods and needs. Mulled cider, mince pies, Wells and St Clements seemed to be a good combination at Clifton in December.

In November quarter peals were rung at both Rugby towers, and at Clifton, Hillmorton, Newbold, and Ryton to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Queen and Prince Philip. The Clifton band included three members of the Guild's youth team, Holly, Estella and Simon, with Holly ringing her first and Simon conducting his first quarter.

November also saw the first ringing tour for the new band of ringers at Ryton, starting at Cubbington (where we coincided with an excellent cake stall), then moving on to Stoneleigh, Bubbenhall, and Ryton. Thanks are due to the experienced ringers who came to help, and we look forward to welcoming the self styled 'Ryton Belles' to future district ringing events.

Finally, the sale of Christmas puddings (450 puddings made and sold!) in aid of the St Martin-in-the-Fields Christmas Appeal has raised over £2,300 this year. Thanks to everyone in the Guild who supported this fundraising effort.

2018 - Dates for the Diary

Your District Secretaries work hard to provide a varied calendar of events throughout the year. In addition, they send monthly reminders of events closer to home. The Guild Calendar for the year is available on the Guild website. Our dedicated web master, Mike Chester, places notices of meeting and practices each week.

Significant dates for 2018 are as follows:

  • January 6th Guild Social at Wellesbourne 3.00-4.30
  • March 10th 6 Bell Striking Competition, Bilton and Dunchurch
  • April 14th Conductors Workshop to be held at Leek Wootton.
  • April 28th Guild AGM at Berkswell
  • May 2nd-5th Archbishop of Canterbury visiting the Coventry Diocese
  • Royal wedding to ring for? Date to be announced.
  • July 14th Guild Social, ringing tour, Rugby District, followed by skittles and food.
  • September 6th. Centenary of the Coventry Diocesan
  • October 6th 8 Bell Striking Competition and Guild half yearly meeting Lillington
  • November 11th Ringing Remembers
  • December 15th Guild Carol Service Coventry District.

Further details on any of the events; please contact your District Secretary or .

Caroline Stockmann, Central Council Public Relations Officer

We know many of you are eager to have some guidance on next year’s Remembrance Day ringing (for and around 11th November 2018) but, as ever, there are so may considerations and people we need to talk to – so it’s great if you can bear with us in the meantime! But we do have a lot to say and to share already, and we hope this will mean that the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War will really be something special.

More than 1,400 of our bell ringing community laid down their lives for peace in the ‘war to end all wars.’ We know in retrospect that wars were not ‘ended’, but we also know that there is an ever increasing movement to address this. Our fallen bell ringers came from all walks of life, as we ringers still do today (from skilled workers to academics to business people – you name it!), and today we are all united in wanting to ring out a message of peace around the world.

Many of you have been asking: for 2018, the 100-year anniversary of Armistice Day, how will we make this really special for bell ringing? Here are a number of things we would like to support and help you in (and of course get your support for):

  • On Nov 11th 2018 we would like as much bell ringing as possible (goes without saying!)
  • We recommend half-muffled ringing in the morning, and opening the bells in the afternoon and evening – the idea being that we start with commemorative ringing, which naturally has its sombre tone, to recognise the loss of so many lives, and then later in the day we move to a more forward-looking tone of affirmation, - to acknowledge that our fallen have contributed to the future in terms of helping secure peace, and to make the clear statement that bell ringers want peace
  • We have been speaking with relevant government departments around the general commemorations and they would like to work with us in an official capacity; in particular they would like to support the idea of recruiting new ringers. One thought is to ensure that in 2018 we recruit 1400 ringers, the same number as those who fell in the Great War. These new ringers could be involved in some supported ringing on the actual day. We anticipate a more detailed announcement on this quite soon
  • Ringers will need to coordinate with their Church and work together on making the day very special. The more prominence on this special day for ringers and ringing, the better, as it will no doubt have a positive effect in terms of raising awareness for potential new ringers
  • We would like to share ideas as to what to ring on the day, providing a pool of ideas to tap into: varying from ‘whole pull and stand except the tenor’, which most bands would be able to do, to ringing appropriately-named methods such as Ypres and Gallipoli Surprise Major; we would love all ringers around the world to do something special this day to ring out for peace, and to send in their ideas to share with others
  • Another thought is to have 1400 quarter peals rung around the date (one for each of the fallen), for which we can set up an event on BellBoard and issue certificates
  • There is also an opportunity to ring as part of the large-scale British project, ‘Battle’s Over – A Nation’s Tribute’. Pipers will be piping in the morning, bugles sounding and 1,000 beacons lit across the UK in the evening; this organisation (fully backed by all the key military) would like to encourage 1000 towers to ring at 7.05pm on the day, if this fits with local arrangements – (towers do not need to be aligned with the beacons).

So, in summary, we suggest half-muffled ringing in the morning to tie in with the normal solemnities and, where possible, to ring open at other opportune moments during the day (with more to come on that in due course). We are looking at how to acknowledge the various efforts made around the world, eg in the form of certificates for the various activities (there is already one available to download from Battle’s Over). And you might want to consider a community lunch or social between ringing, – why not make this a really special day for your whole ringing (and broader) community?

To input your ideas for things to ring to commemorate our fallen, or indeed ring out for peace, for all levels of ringing and numbers of bells, please write to . We will then share what we hear on the CCCBR website, in the Ringing World and via other forms of communication.

To find out more about Battle’s Over and sign up to ring at 7.05pm please give your details to:

ALSO, and finally: a call to all towers to check their muffles, and order more NOW so that you’re not caught short!

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New Guild Handbook

A draft copy of a new Guild Handbook can be downloaded from:-

Comments on content and distribution should be send to Joy Pluckrose

Coventry DG Brokerage Scheme

The Guild is hoping to be able to give a helping hand to ringers and towers in the area by arranging for ringing support for what YOU want to be able to do next.

Do you need some ringers to provide a steady band around a learner in a given method?  Do you just need the odd ringer extra so you can make the next step with your, or your tower's, ringing?  Do you need a conductor for a quarter or a peal?  Do you want to ring a quarter peal or a peal and don't know the next step?

Help is at hand!  Simply download the CDG Brokerage file that you can find from

, in both pdf and Word format, complete it and then send it off.