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The Guild Newsletter is published quarterly and is distributed to the Districts at each of the quarterly Whole Guild Meetings which are held in January, April, July and October, in rotation between the districts.

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Central Council AGM 2019

The Central Council AGM in 2019 will take place on Saturday, 7th September at Goldsmiths, New Cross, London SE14 6NW. The business to include reports of the Council’s activities, a presentation of its budget & forward plan, plus the opportunity to review aspects of its work in more detail.

The format, which is to follow that successfully introduced at Lancaster for the 2018 AGM weekend, is expected to also include workshops, seminars and sessions of interest to all ringers. These will be held over the whole weekend. The Reception and Dinner will take place on the evening of Saturday, 7th September.

All ringers will be welcome to attend during the weekend and take part in the activities on offer. Look out for details of how to register in due course.

Mrs Mary Bone
Central Council of Church Bell Ringers
Charity Registration No 270036

Jane Does Her Bit for Ringing PR

Lillington ringer Jane Knifton contributed an article to the national magazine “Yours” for their “Try Something New” column. Her enthusiasm for ringing comes out in the article, entitled “Ringing in Friendship” and it obviously appealed to the editor.

A well-informed and patient photographer was sent to join us one summer evening practice when we tried hard to be photogenic while ringing bells.

The article was published in the December edition with some lovely photos.

Here you see some of the Lillington ringers gathered around our budding journalist.

Lillington Ringers

Well done, Jane; excellent PR!

Draw Club Results 2018

Date 1st Prize   2nd Prize   3rd Prize   4th Prize
  No Name   No Name   No Name   No Name
Jan 75 A Mew   72 A Houghton   21 J Montgomery       
Feb 14 L Grove   4 K Chambers   101 S Tibbetts      
Mar 82 R Grifiths   114 M Sayers   101 S Tibbetts      
Apr 32 M Whitehead   36 D Jones   2 P Richardson       
May 32 M Whitehead   4 K Chambers   121 S Tibbetts      
Jun 11 M Fiander   49 S Rogers   63 K Davies      
Jul 10 D Butcher   121 S Tibbetts   38 M Williams       
Aug 123 M Chaplin   105 P Hollings   74 T Hill      
Sep 51 J Wykes   120 W Pauling   46 C Mew      
Oct 92 A Fleming   39 P Richarson   7 M Chester      
Nov 56 Brinkow   78 M Ingram   1 M Dew      
Bonus 1st Prize (£40)   2nd Prize (£30)   3rd Prize (£20)   4th Prize (£10)
Dec 71 D Brasenell   97 S A Lawley   72 A Houghton   76 C Idle

Annual Report - 2018

It is always a big job to collate and produce the Guild's Annual Report.

Can we all do our bit, please.  Have a look at your entry for the current report.  Are there any inaccuracies?  Have there been any changes to your ringing times?  Are your ringing times missing?  Has anything else changed?

Please let Annie know straight away if you find anything amiss.  It is very dispiriting to be told of an error/omission as soon as the new report comes out, when this could easily have been flagged up beforehand.

Mike Chester

Draw Club 2019

Renewal documents for the Draw Club for 2019 are being sent out over the next week.

Could anyone who does not get the notification please phone Joy Pluckrose on 024 7634 8233.

Anyone else wanting to join the scheme for next year should also give her a ring.


I have put together a booklet on our project in Great Wolford to ring quarter peals for all the fallen on our war memorial on their 100th anniversaries 2015-2018.

Any funds raised will be split equally between Great Wolford Church and our local community magazine, The LINK, which has been covering and supporting the project over the years. The booklet also contains details of the Wolford Peal rung on Nov 9 and the local ringers marking Nov 11.

The link to the booklet isL

I can help others with Amazon self publishing, if they would like to do something similar for their ringing projects.

Keith Murphy

"We remembered” – a message from the President of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers.

Last Sunday – Remembrance Sunday – we were called to “look to” and take part in a most momentous commemoration. Being so intimately linked in to our local communities, it was no surprise that bellringers everywhere stepped forward to participate, collectively and individually, in such a solemn centenary.

And it is entirely right and fitting that bells gave voice to the deep and lasting emotions felt so widely at this time. So many today owe so much to our forebears for the freedoms and liberties that we enjoy one hundred years on. As bellringers, we are the “external choir” that calls out across time and space, giving tribute on this day for those who have gone before. This is what we do, this is our calling, this is our service.

On behalf of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers, I wish to thank all who participated in this historic event. The Ringing Remembers campaign, promoted by the Central Council, has claimed some inspiring headlines – towers silent for many years have rung out once more; hundreds of bands have been augmented with new learners; tens of thousands of ringers mobilised to ring in thousands of towers – not just in the UK, but across the world; ringing featured strongly in local, national and international media; and the BellBoard website went into meltdown!

Our campaign sought to recruit 1400 new ringers, to symbolically replace those ringers who fell in the First World War. At the most recent count, new ringer registrations for the recruitment campaign totalled 2792 – close to 200% of the original target. The Council’s newly-stated mission is, among other things, “to promote an environment in which ringing can flourish”. Last Sunday we witnessed what “flourish” looks like – more of that please.

Whilst it is impossible to thank all key individuals by name, I would like to pay a special tribute to Vicki Chapman – Ringing Remembers Project Coordinator, Colin Chapman – Coordinator’s “roadie”, Alan Regin – Steward of the CCCBR Rolls of Honour, Andrew Hall – developer and administrator of the Ringing Remembers web platform, and Bruce & Eileen Butler – who linked thousands of enquirers to guilds, districts and towers. And there are so many others…

My thanks go also to all those who have come to ringing through this route – may you continue to develop in skill, and gain many happy years of fulfilment in your ringing. And to that widespread army of ringing teachers who have risen to the challenge of training so many enthusiastic learners – well done!

Last Sunday was a day of reflection, a day of commemoration, a day of participation. Bellringers everywhere were able to say – “I was there – I remembered”.

Christopher O'Mahony

Recently I was asked to write a poem for This years armistice, by my son who is a keen bell ringer. So I wrote the poem the sound of the Bell. Also here is my poem about the poppy.

Roy W Jenkins

Sound of the Bell
By Roy W Jenkins

Let the sound of the Bell fill the air
Peace and tranquility is now everywhere
Let the sadness of war be of yesterday
Not forgotten, our memory must stay

So all you Bell Ringers with magical hands
Let the Bells ring out across the land
To remind us what freedom is all about
Rejoice and laugh & even shout

But toll the bell for the past of yesterday
For all who suffered in many ways
And those who were cut down by war
We should stop for awhile and remember them all

So let the Bell send a message so loud and clear
To everyone who wants to hear

Flower of Hope By Roy W Jenkins

Poppy lowers its head towards the ground
Drenched by rain falling all around
For miles around in barren land
Anything growing can hardly stand.

Yes this is a zone that is crippled by war
Where men have been sacrificed as never before
Large craters and mud are everywhere
And the stench of cordite fills the air.

Time passes by and it’s another day
Once more the poppy is happy and gay
But alas in this world of ours your faith has gone
As history has proven. Man does not agree for long.

The poppy once more starts to look so sad
Once again the human race has gone mad
This has been the case for thousands of years
The only outcome is it will end in tears.

So if you see a poppy that’s happy please take note
The only answer there can be is to live in hope.


 2018 Edition Available

The latest newsletter is available to view as "Current Edition" and a printable version has been put into "Downloads".

Please note that the deadline for the following edition 31st December 2018 and items submitted after this date may have to be held over until the April 2019 edition.


Inter-District 8-Bell Competition

Result in order of ringing:

1. Warwick A 37 faults - 7th
2. Rugby A 21 faults - 4th
3. Coventry A 19 faults - 2nd
4. Youth Team 29 faults - 5th
5. Rugby B 11 faults - 1st
6. Warwick B 20 faults - 3rd
7. Coventry B 36 faults - 6th

Thanks go to judge Alan Hartley and congratulations to the winners - Rugby B

Rugby B

Dates for the Diary
  • 17th October Guild 8 bell practice at St Nicholas Warwick 6.30-7.30
  • 27th October. Guild training mornings at Leek Wootton, Honiley and Stoneleigh.
  • 10th November 2018. Guild Ringing Remembers, Towers open across the Guild.
  • 11th November. Armistice Day. Muffled ringing before 11.00am. Open ringing 12.30. Battles over at 7.10pm
  • 21st November. Guild 8 bell practice at St Nicholas Warwick 6.30-7.30
  • 24th November. Guild training mornings at Leek Wootton, Stoneleigh and Honiley.
  • 8th December. The Guild Carol service will be held in Stoke.
  • 12th January 2019 The Guild Social meeting will be held in the Coventry District.
  • 2nd March. The 6 bell striking competition will be held in the Warwick District.
  • 27th April 2019, The 2019 AGM will be held in the Rugby Deanery,

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Coventry DG Brokerage Scheme

The Guild is hoping to be able to give a helping hand to ringers and towers in the area by arranging for ringing support for what YOU want to be able to do next.

Do you need some ringers to provide a steady band around a learner in a given method?  Do you just need the odd ringer extra so you can make the next step with your, or your tower's, ringing?  Do you need a conductor for a quarter or a peal?  Do you want to ring a quarter peal or a peal and don't know the next step?

Help is at hand!  Simply download the CDG Brokerage file that you can find from

, in both pdf and Word format, complete it and then send it off.