Recently I was asked to write a poem for This years armistice, by my son who is a keen bell ringer. So I wrote the poem the sound of the Bell. Also here is my poem about the poppy.

Roy W Jenkins

Sound of the Bell
By Roy W Jenkins

Let the sound of the Bell fill the air
Peace and tranquility is now everywhere
Let the sadness of war be of yesterday
Not forgotten, our memory must stay

So all you Bell Ringers with magical hands
Let the Bells ring out across the land
To remind us what freedom is all about
Rejoice and laugh & even shout

But toll the bell for the past of yesterday
For all who suffered in many ways
And those who were cut down by war
We should stop for awhile and remember them all

So let the Bell send a message so loud and clear
To everyone who wants to hear

Flower of Hope By Roy W Jenkins

Poppy lowers its head towards the ground
Drenched by rain falling all around
For miles around in barren land
Anything growing can hardly stand.

Yes this is a zone that is crippled by war
Where men have been sacrificed as never before
Large craters and mud are everywhere
And the stench of cordite fills the air.

Time passes by and it’s another day
Once more the poppy is happy and gay
But alas in this world of ours your faith has gone
As history has proven. Man does not agree for long.

The poppy once more starts to look so sad
Once again the human race has gone mad
This has been the case for thousands of years
The only outcome is it will end in tears.

So if you see a poppy that’s happy please take note
The only answer there can be is to live in hope.