Social Media


The CDG Facebook page can be found by clicking here.  Please note that you will have to join the group prior to being able to see any posts.


Our Twitter Account Name is @coventryringers

Coventry DG Google Group

1. Introduction & Guidelines

In the 21st century we have many ways through which we can communicate – Post, Phone, Text, Email, Newsletter, Poster, Word of Mouth, etc. Guilds, like individuals and businesses, have to embrace them all.

E-Groups provide a rapid and effective way of disseminating and gathering information. Above all though, they foster a sense of community by informing and supporting – something any guild should aspire to achieve.

This is an email distribution list whereby a message is sent to the list and is then automatically distributed to each member of the group. The aim is to facilitate communication between members. The style used is informal, as with most emails. This group is not intended as a general “chat list”. Relevant (and polite) messages are expected. Examples for usage of the group are :-

  • Notification of meetings, special practices, educational events, social events.
  • Requests for help to ring for Weddings, Quarter Peals, Practices, Peals.
  • Requests for assistance with Maintenance, Training.
  • Information on Towers, Bells, Ringing Methods and Compositions.
2. Becoming a Member

The list is managed by the webmaster.  Please send him an email asking to join the group and he will send you an invitation to join by reply.  If you wish to leave the group at any time also send him an email and he will remove you from the list of group members.