Coventry District Towers:-

Allesley, All Saints, West Midlands: 8; 12-0-0 in G#
Ansley, St Lawrence, Warwickshire: 6; 8-1-4 in G#
Ansty, St James, Warwickshire: 4; 4-3-0 in D Bells Unringable
Arley, St Wilfred, Warwickshire: 6; 7-0-12 in Ab (GF)
Ashow, Church of the Assumption of Our Lady, Warwickshire: 4; 6-0-0 in B
Astley, St Mary the Virgin, Warwickshire: 5; 8-2-9 in F# Minor
Atherstone, St Mary, Warwickshire: 8; 8-1-6 in A
Bedworth, All Saints, Warwickshire: 8; 14-0-18 in G
Berkswell, St John the Baptist, Warwickshire: 6; 16-2-17 in F (GF)
Bulkington, St James, Warwickshire: 8; 12-1-23 in G
Burton Hastings, St Botolph, Warwickshire: 5; 6-3-9 in B
Chilvers Coton (Nuneaton), All Saints, Warwickshire: 10; 13-1-24 in F Corley, (Dedication unknown), Warwickshire: 5; 5-1-16 in C (GF) Rung from the Nave.
Coventry Cathedral, St Michael, West Midlands: 13; 33-3-6 in C# Including flat 6th.
Coventry,Stoke, St Michael, West Midlands: 8; 13-1-9 in F# (GF)
Exhall, St Giles, Warwickshire Bells: 6; 6-2-6 in B (GF)
Fillongley, St Mary and All Saints, Warwickshire: 8; 10-3-23 in F
Hatton, Holy Trinity, Warwickshire Bells: 6; 13-2-18 in F# (GF)
Honiley, St John the Baptist, Warwickshire: 6; 6-2-4 in A
Kenilworth, St Nicholas, Warwickshire: 6; 14-0-22 in F#
Keresley, St Thomas, West Midlands: 6; 3-3-10 in D
Leek Wootton, All Saints, Warwickshire: 5; 8-0-0 in A. Anticlockwise.
Mancetter, St Peter, Warwickshire: 5; 20-2-0 in Eb. Anticlockwise.
Meriden, St Lawrence, West Midlands: 5; 7-0-1 in B. Anticlockwise. Bells unringable due to falling masonry
Nuneaton, St Nicholas, Warwickshire: 8; 14-1-5 in E
Rowington, St Laurence, Warwickshire: 6; 13-3-0 in F (GF) Rung from Chancel.
Shilton, St Andrew, Warwickshire: 6; 6-3-0 in Bb (GF)
Stoneleigh, St Mary, Warwickshire: 6; 10-2-14 in G
Walsgrave on Sowe, St Mary, West Midlands: 6; 6-1-15 in B
Withybrook, All Saints, Warwickshire: 4; 8-0-0 in Ab (GF)
Wolvey, St John the Baptist, Warwickshire: 6; 12-0-24 in G

There is a District 10-Bell Practice at Chilvers Coton on the first Monday of each month.