The Coventry DG Draw Club

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This year the number of members renewing their membership fell slightly. Although this resulted in only being able to have one ‘Big Draw’ – December – there was still enough interest to keep the Club alive. During the year one or two more people signed up so that eased the finances slightly. Once again we would like to thank the loyal supporters of the Draw Club for their continued support. As always, our congratulations go to all those members who have been winners and also our commiserations to all members who are still waiting for their number to be drawn.

At the end of 2017 we had 94 members – although renewals for 2018 are arriving as I write this report. We need 82 Members to make the Club viable, but without having any bonus months. We continue to hold the names of members who do not renew for one year and then their numbers are re-allocated. Prizes of £25, £10 and £5 were paid out for 11 months of the year, with a Bonus in December paying out £40, £30, £20, and £10.

£540 was donated to the Guild Bell Repair Fund at the end of the year. Unclaimed prize money will be donated separately to the BRF.

Chris Worley and Joy Pluckrose

Draw Club Results