Data Protection Statement

Members of the Guild are advised that personal information contained in the printed report and elsewhere (including members names, addresses, telephone numbers and peal totals) is stored on a micro-computer and in hard copy (in paper). These details will only be used for the legitimate purposes of the Guild. Details of Guild officers may also appear on a website.

In order to comply with current regulations exempting the Guild from registering under the Data protection Act, it is necessary that members are made aware of this fact. Any member who objects to personal information relating to him/her being stored in this manner should so inform, in writing, the General Secretary.

Any member who does object will be omitted from future reports. In order that the Guild records can be kept up to date it is essential that members inform the General Secretary, in writing, of any changes in their personal information as soon as they occur.  

No personal information is gathered from users of the website via the use of cookies.