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Coventry DG Yahoogroup

1. Introduction & Guidelines

In the 21st century we have many ways through which we can communicate – Post, Phone, Text, Email, Newsletter, Poster, Word of Mouth, etc. Guilds, like individuals and businesses, have to embrace them all.

E-Groups provide a rapid and effective way of disseminating and gathering information. Above all though, they foster a sense of community by informing and supporting – something any guild should aspire to achieve.

This E-Group is an email distribution list whereby a message is sent to the list and is then automatically distributed to each member of the group. The aim is to facilitate communication between members. The style used is informal, as with most emails. This E-group is not intended as a general "chat list". Relevant (and polite) messages are expected. Examples for usage of the E-Group are :-

  • Notification of meetings, special practices, educational events, social events.
  • Requests for help to ring for Weddings, Quarter Peals, Practices, Peals.
  • Requests for assistance with Maintenance, Training.
  • Information on Towers, Bells, Ringing Methods and Compositions.
2. Instructions To Become a Member

This does look a bit daunting, but do simply follow things through one step at a time and you will be fine!

Click to join covdg

Click to join covdg

Step 1 :-

Click on the link above - if you already are a member of other Yahoogroups you can simply log in using your YahooID and follow the simple instructions.

If you do not have a YahooID that you wish to use for this group, click on "Create a New Account", bottom right.

The registration process is just a means to say who you are, so that you are taken to the correct set of Yahoogroups when you sign in.

The Yahoo identity enables every group that you belong to be displayed on one webpage for easy navigation. Importantly, it also gives you access to the webpage for the Coventry DG Yahoogroup, where you will be able to look through and search previous messages, and also access the "Files" area where members can store data, such as meeting notices, documents about a ring of bells, etc.

 Sign Up as follows :-

1 Fill in your details at the top of the page - don't worry, Yahoo do not pass these around to any other person..
2 Give yourself a YahooID - this is what you will use to log into the Yahoogroup pages.  Note that you must not have any spaces in your YahooID
You could join your names together with an underscore, john_smith for example. Click on "Check Availability" and the system will automatically search to see if someone has already taken that ID. Choose another ID if this is the case - perhaps with a memorable number added.
This will automatically generate a Yahoo email account - you never have to use it if you don't want to!
3 Type in a password (will come up as a series of black dots).
4 Type it in again.
5 Answer the security questions - used to send you a reminder of your password if you forget it!
6 Type in your home email address into the "Alternative Email Address" box. A message will be sent to this address in order that you can "Verify" it.  It will arrive quickly - please click on the verify link in the email.
7 Type in the security code as shown in the image.
8 Click on "Create My Account".
9 You will move to a new screen - It allows you to check that your details are correctly entered - you may wish to print this off.
 I would click on "Edit Marketing Preferences" at the bottom - this will take you to a new screen and you can make sure that Yahoo do not send you anything that you do not wish to receive - take the ticks out individually, or go to the bottom and take them all out with one click by clicking on "Clear All". Save the changes and close this window.
10 You will now be back to the details screen - click on the Continue button.


Step 3 :-

You now have your new YahooID and now you can join the group :-

    1. 1 Choose which email address you want messages sent to.  If you are happy with your new Yahoo email address, do nothing in Step 1. If you want the messages to go to your home email address put the green dot against, (NB - make sure that you have verified this address first - see point 6 in the table above)
      2 Type in a comment to the Group Owner to say why you want to join.  In this you MUST identify yourself if we cannot tell who you are from your chosen YahooID.  We do not allow anonymous members of this group,
      3 .Choose either:-
        * "Individual Emails" - you will get a copy of messages individually as soon as they are sent to the group, or
        * "Daily Digest" - you will get one email each day a message is sent to the group containing all the messages sent in the previous 24 hours in a single message.
      4 Choose either "Fully Featured" (if you must send emails with fancy colours and smileys!) or "Traditional" (to send the usual black and white message).
      5 Fill in the funny "captcha" text
      6 Click on "Join".  Don't worry if you have to do this more than once - the system is not perfect - I have told Yahoo about this!! Wink


    ALL DONE!. Welcome. You will a member of this E-Group as soon as one of the moderators gets a message to approve you. This takes less than 24 hours in most cases. You will now receive the emails.
Yahoogroup Webpage

You can simply continue to receive the emails as long as you want.  There are other useful features of the group that you might be interested in.  The webpage is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/covdg/ - why not go to it and save it into your "Favourites".  Log in using the YahooID and password you have created and you can then view older messages, (or ones you deleted by mistake!) and also view the "files" section, where any form of electronically produce file can be stored.

Leaving the Group

Should you wish to leave the group at any time go into "Edit Groups" and tick the leave group box.

Deleting your Yahoo Account

Should you have had enough of Yahoo altogether Click Here and then click on the "Account Deletion" link and follow through the process.