Ansley, St Lawrence, Warwickshire

Ansley Bells: 6; 8-1-4 in G#
Grid Reference/Map 140/290926
Postcode: CV10 0QR
District: Coventry
Peals: Felstead Database
Practice Night: Tuesday 7:45pm
Service Ringing: Sunday 10:40am
Recommended Pub: The Admiral Lord Nelson, Birmingham Rd, Ansley, Nuneaton CV10 9PQ. Tel:024 7639 2305
(Opposite end of the village to the church, at the junction with Nuthurst Crescent).
Contact: Mr A Truelove, Merry Brook Cottage, Hood Lane, Ansley, Nuneaton CV10 9ND


The village of Ansley moved about a mile away from the church when the plague struck Warwickshire, (you can s till see traces of the buildings from the air) and therefore don't look in the present village for it! It is in Church End to the North West of the village at the junction of the B4112 and B4114. Notice the number of differing roof levels.

Formerly a ring of 3 these bells were rehung and augmented to 6 in 1976/7 and are a pleasant ring of 6 in good condition. The old frame is still in situ above the new one. It is a tall frame made of oak, consisting of cills, main braces, king posts, corner posts, and long frame heads. The old bells have had their canons removed, the trebles cast flat headed. The new frame is a composite "lowside" frame, with steel cills and frameheads with intermediate cast iron braces

Entrance is from inside the church via the south door. Make sure that you are told the combination for the alarm system if you are given a key to let yourself in! There is a car park on the south side of the church.

Please note that the church's website states that the dedication is "St Laurence" - this is not correct according to the Diocesan website and also Crockford's.

Details of the Bells
1 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough 1976 3-0-24 25.00" 1368.0Hz (E#-36c)
2 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough 1976 4-0-04 27.00" 1220.0Hz (D#-34c)
3 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough 1976 4-3-11 29.00" 1086.0Hz (C#-36c)
4 Thomas Newcombe II, Leicester c.1580 5-2-03 31.375" 1026.0Hz (B#-34c)
5 George Oldfield I, Nottingham 1669 6-0-21 34.125" 915.0Hz (A#-32c)
6 Robert, Thomas & William Newcombe, Leicester 1609 8-1-04 37.25" 814.0Hz (G#-35c)