Avon Dassett, St John the Baptist, Warwickshire

Avon Dassett Bells: 5; 7cwt in A - Restricted Ringing, Church Redundant
Grid Reference: 151/412502
Postcode: CV47 2AH
District: Warwick
Peals None
Practice: None
Service Ringing: None
Contact: The Churches Conservation Trust, 89 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1DH
Graham Nabb, 12 Glosters Green, Kineton, Warks, CV35 0LT Tel: 01926 641812 Click to Email


The old church at Avon Dassett had two bells in an enclosed weatherboarded turret over the west end of the nave. The turret had a pyramid roof and weathercock. Being unsound and unfit for public worship the old church was demolished in 1868 and the foundation stone of the present church erected on the same site was laid in June of that year. This lovely church was declared redundant in May 1983. It is set in beautiful rural South Warwickshire.

Owing to problems with the tower, caused by the fact that the church tower was "allegedly moving slowly down the hill", the bells were not available for ringing for many years. They are a complete ring by Blews and were installed at a cost of £220. Those who have rang on the bells did comment that tower movement made them surprisingly difficult to ring at times. All retain their canons and none have been turned. The installation itself remained in a fairly good condition given the lack of attention that it has not had for a good number of years.

Surveys completed in January 2002 by a steeplejack and structural engineer recommended against the ringing of the bells unless the tower is repaired. This repair work was completed during 2008 and some of the bells were swing chimed shortly afterwards. The bells have recently had some work done to improve their condition and they are now ringable on a restricted basis and no longer ground floor. However, they are not available for general ringing at the present time. There is a bit of tower movement and the bells do need some careful handling.

Details Of The Bells
1 William Blews, Birmingham 1869 3½cwt 25.50" 1479.0Hz (F#-1c)
2 William Blews, Birmingham 1869 3¾cwt 26.75" 1310.5Hz (E-11c)
3 William Blews, Birmingham 1869 4½cwt 28.75" 1210.0Hz (D#-49c)
4 William Blews, Birmingham 1869 5¼cwt 30.50" 1094.0Hz (C#-23c)
5 William Blews, Birmingham 1869 7cwt 33.50" 989.5Hz (B+3c)