Burton Dassett, All Saints, Warwickshire

Burton Dassett Bells: 6; 13cwt in F
Grid Reference/Map: 151/399515
Postcode: CV47 2AB
District: Warwick
Peals: Felstead Database
Practice Night: None
Service Ringing: None
Recommended Pub: There is no pub in the village, indeed there are few houses in it!  
Best option is to look for a tower nearby in your direction of travel and use that recommendation.
Contact: Mr J Anderson, Saxon Hill House, Top Street, Northend, Southam CV47 2TY

History Of The Bells

Set prominently on a hill near to the M40 this is a beautiful church that is very much worth a visit. Being on a hill the church has had to adapt and therefore is built on several different levels. There are a number of very interesting wall paintings.

The bells are an old fashioned ring of 6 that go reasonably well. They were rehung in a single-level girder frame in 1907 by Thomas Bond of Burford. The fittings of the front 4 are of the same date. All the bells have been quarter turned. The entrance is from inside the church and cars may park by the churchyard entrance. Organisers are advised to give several weeks notice of an intended visit as the church is isolated and someone will need to let you in.

The frame had been causing problems in that it was twisting and the tenor in particular was likely to come into contact with the frame. Eayre and Smith attended to the frame in early 2005, removing the rust and replacing bolts as necessary and, at the same time, they hung the two tenors on ball bearings with new headstocks and wheels. There is some hope that the front 4 will be hung on ball bearings in the future.

The base beams of the previous frame remain in the tower - the indicate that the back 4 were in a 4 bell frame of traditional design with the two trebles above.

These bells were until recently some of the loudest you will encounter in any ringing room!  There has been some soundproofing added recently that has made a considerable difference; thought they are not yet too quiet!

Details Of The Bells
1 Henry & Matthew Bagley, Chacombe 1686 4½cwt 29.75" 1215.0Hz (D+58c)
2 Henry & Matthew Bagley, Chacombe 1686 5cwt 31.00" 1070.0Hz (C+38c)
3 Henry & Matthew Bagley, Chacombe 1686 6cwt 32.875" 959.0Hz (Bb+49c)
4 Henry & Matthew Bagley, Chacombe 1686 7½cwt 35.125" 899.0Hz (A+37c)
5 Henry & Matthew Bagley, Chacombe 1686 9cwt 36.625" 814.0Hz (G+44c)
6 Henry & Matthew Bagley, Chacombe 1686 13cwt 41.75" 715.5Hz (F+42c)