Brinklow, St John the Baptist, Warwickshire

Brinklow Bells: 8; 8-1-20 in Ab
Grid Reference/Map: 140/437796
Postcode: CV23 0LQ
District: Rugby
Peals: Felstead Database
Recording of the 6:
Recording of the 8:
Practice Night: Wednesday 7:45pm-9.00pm
Service Ringing: On rota
Recommended Pub: The Raven, 68 Broad St Brinklow Rugby, Warwickshire CV23 0LN  01788 832655
Contact: Tom Griffiths Tel: 07812766486  Email

History Of The Bells

A pleasant village close to Coventry. The church is just off the main road through the village. The bells are rung from upstairs, the entrance being round the south corner of the bottom of the tower inside the church.

The frame and fittings are by Taylor, 1913 at which time the Smith of Edgbaston 5 were rehung and a treble added. The 2nd, 3rd & 5th bells indicate that they had been chip tuned after casting and the tenor "skirted" to raise its note slightly. Taylors tuned the whole ring to the note of the 5th during the restoration. The Smith bells  have been eighth turned and their canons removed and the 1913 bell has been quarter turned.

Ball bearings were fitted by the local ringers (an early DIY job!) in 1969-70. These bells used to be rung from the ground floor. The ropes hung in two straight lines on opposite sides of the tower, and the ringers stood on a sloping floor! The ringers moved upstairs in 1970.

The scheme to augment these bells to 8 was completed at Easter 2011.  The Guild donated the treble in memory of Harry Windsor.

There is plenty of on-street parking near to the church.

Details Of The Bells
1 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough 2011 3-2-23 24.50" 1643.0Hz (Ab-20c)
2 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough 2011 3-3-15 25.125" 1551.0Hz (G-19c)
3 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough 1913 4-0-11 26.00" 1380.0Hz (F-21c)
4 Joseph Smith, Edgbaston 1705 5-0-27 27.50" 1230.0Hz (Eb-20c)
5 Joseph Smith, Edgbaston 1705 5-1-11 30.50" 1099.0Hz (Db-10c)
6 Joseph Smith, Edgbaston 1705 5-2-07 31.75" 1036.0Hz (C-17c)
7 Joseph Smith, Edgbaston 1705 5-3-08 32.375" 936.0Hz (Bb-7c)
8 Joseph Smith, Edgbaston 1705 8-1-20 37.125" 822.0Hz Ab-18c)