Bourton on Dunsmore, St  Peter, Warwickshire

Bourton on Dunsmore Bells: 3; 5-1-12 in Bb - UNRINGABLE
Grid Reference/Map: 140/437743
Postcode: CV23 9RA
District: Rugby
Peals: None
Practice Night: None
Service Ringing: None
Contact: PCC Secretary Mrs Jean Grinnell. Tel: 01926 632356

History Of The Bells

A potentially ringable three. In an old, two level, wooden frame, the treble being in the upper frame. The frame is from some time in the 18th century, certainly older than the current church tower, which was built in 1842. The bells were rehung with new ringing fittings by Taylors in 1928 at which time they were turned on their headstocks and the tenor's canons were removed.

A report by Taylors in 1993 says that the soundbows are practically unmarked, suggesting that they have not been rung that often. The canons remain on the trebles, but have been removed from the tenor. An Ellacombe chiming apparatus was installed in 1971 owing to fears for the safety of the spire, since repaired. Taylor's have in recent years been invited to inspect the bells and give advice as to how they may be put into a ringing condition. The tower is small and augmentation would not be straightforward. As it is the frame is arranged diagonally to make full use of the window openings to gain extra space.

The bells have been inspected by the Coventry DG Bell Advisory Team and it is recommended that they not be rung until the metalwork is replaced.

Details Of The Bells
1 Thomas Newcombe, Leicester c.1580 3-0-15 25.50" 1207.0Hz (D+47c)
2 Thomas Newcombe, Leicester c.1580 4-2-16 28.75" 1077.0Hz (C+50c)
3 Taylor & Sons, Oxford 1827 5-1-12 32.50" 959.0Hz (Bb+49c)