Bilton, St Mark, Warwickshire

Bilton Bells: 6; 9-0-25 in G#
Grid Reference/Map: 140/487739
Postcode: CV22 7RN
District: Rugby
Peals: Felstead Database
Recordings: Before Restoration
After Restoration   
Practice Night: Monday 7:30pm-9:00pm
Service Ringing: Sunday 9:15am-10:00am
Contact: Mrs S A Idle 251 Bilton Road, Rugby CV22 7EQ Click to Email

History Of The Bells

On the south edge of Rugby, Bilton remains a village in its own right and its church spire is prominent from some distance.

Until recently the bells were a mixture of 5 old bells with a modern treble.  This bell, along with a new cast iron lowside frame and fittings, was provided by Taylors during 1948.  There were wooden headstocks on the back five bells. Notice that the 5th was heavier than the tenor.

The Sanders bell was given by the Countess of Warwick (d.1731), wife of the 6th Earl of Warwick (d.1701) who had married subsequently Joseph Addison (of the Spectator).

In January 2008 the bells were removed to Taylors who replaced the tenor with a more suitable bell more than 2cwt heavier than the existing one.  At the same time the front three bells were retuned and the wooden headstocks on bells 2-5 were replaced by modern canon retaining headstocks. The new tenor was cast with a flat top. The difference in the weights of bells 4 and 5 are due to the removal of the cast-in iron crown staples. The scheme was completed in time for the Easter celebrations.

Previously, the bells had been retuned, quarter turned and rehung with new fittings in the old frame in 1884. Further retuning not being allowed in the 1948 scheme. 

The entrance is from inside the church and there is a large car park close by on the North side of the church.

Details of the Bells
1 John Taylor, Co, Loughborough 1948 3-3-09 26.00" 1374.0Hz (E-29c)
2 Richard Sanders, Bromsgrove 1722 4-0-17 27.625" 1223.0Hz (D#-30c)
3 John Sturdy or John Keble London c.1450 4-0-22 28.50" 1085.0Hz (C#-37c)
4 John Danyell, London c.1460 5-0-02 30.50" 1025.0Hz (B#-36c)
5 John Danyell, London c.1460 7-0-12 33.75" 917.0Hz (A#-29c)
6 Taylors, Eayre & Smith, Ltd, Loughborough 2008 9-0-25 37.25" 816.5Hz (G#-30c)