Cubbington, St Mary, Warwickshire

Cubbington Bells: 6; 10-1-19 in G (GF)
Grid Reference: 151/344683
Postcode: CV32 7LJ
District: Warwick
Peals: Felstead Database
Practice Night: Tuesday 7.30pm-9.00pm
Service Ringing: 9.00am-9:30am
Recommended Pub: The Kings Head, Church Hill, Cubbington, Leamington Spa CV32 7JY
(Open Noon-11pm each day, no food Sunday Evening) Tel: 01926 887142
Contacts: Mrs Audrey Lawton, 37 Offchurch Road, Cubbington, Leamington Spa CV32 7NG
Mike Young, 15 Austen Court, Cubbington, CV32 7LJ, tel: 01926 258623 Click to Email

History Of The Bells

A relatively new ring of 6, this church is now part of "Greater Leamington Spa". These were a ringable four before rehanging and augmentation by Taylors in 1971, the second being recast to become the fourth of the new ring. The new bells have flat tops and the canons for the older bells have been removed. The bells go well and are suitable for the less experienced ringer.

The third and also the now recast 4th were cast at the Watts foundry. However, as Hugh WattsII died in 1643 either the date on the bells are both wrong, which is not likely, or more likely the bell was cast in his premises by a successor. This would possibly be his son, also called Hugh, or his foreman George Curtis who was described as a bellfounder in the burial record of 5th September 1650 at St Martin's church Leicester (now the Cathedral), suggesting that there was still some bellfounding activity in the city at a time when the Civil War had meant a large reduction in the amount of work that was available.

The entrance is from the south side and there is parking by the churchyard wall. There is a nice pub to the east of the church.

Details Of The Bells
1 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough 1971 3-2-13 25.875" 1304.0Hz (E-19c)
2 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough 1971 4-0-02 27.50" 1161.0Hz (D-20c)
3 Sucessor to Hugh Watts II, Leicester 1646 4-2-20 29.50" 1025.0Hz (C-36c)
4 John Taylor & Co, Loughborough 1971 5-2-20 32.00" 975.0Hz (B-23c)
5 Hugh Watts II, Leicester 1626 8-0-17 35.00" 869.0Hz (A-22c)
6 Hugh Watts II, Leicester 1640 10-1-19 39.50" 772.0Hz (G-27c)