Pillerton Hersey, St Mary the Virgin, Warwickshire

Pillerton Hersey Bells: 3; 7-0-10 in Bb - UNRINGABLE
Grid Reference: 151/489299
Postcode: CV35 0QJ
District: Warwick
Peals: None
Practice Night: None
Service Ringing: None
Recommended Pub: There is no pub in the village. There are several in nearby villages.  Try here for some options
Contacts: David Rogers Tel 01295 740237

History Of The Bells

A three - ringable until 1970s. Rehung with new fittings in a composite frame by Henry Bond of Burford in 1901 at a cost of £48/10/0. The tenor is Bb-48c and the second and treble C-46c and Db-53c respectively. This means that the treble and second are 93c apart, just short of a semitone. Therefore the bells are the front 3 of a ring of 4. Let's call them Bb, C and Db! They do sound good. They hang in a composite frame, Henry Bond 1901 and have been quarter turned. (At a cost of £48/10/-)

A recent brief visit shows that the tenor is loose on wheel and headstock and there is worm in the headstock where it needs to be tightened. There is also some worm in other stocks & stays too. "It would be inadvisable to get tenor up even though it might last for a bit!" The treble and second's wheels are need of minor repair. The clappers are at best "iffy"!

Some village residents are being trained to chime by nearby based ringers and this might generate some interest in a full restoration, one would hope.  Indeed, a scheme has been proposed in early 2013 and there is a plan to restore the bells and augment to 4/5.  The bells are currently at Taylors and the intention to use the redundant tenor from Adelstrop, which have to been remodelled as a lighter ring, as the treble of four.  Weights are as received at Taylors.

Details Of The Bells
Nu 1 Abraham Rudhall I 1711 4-0-14 25.75" 1264.0Hz (Eb+27)
1 Henry Bagley, Chacombe 1668 4-1-21 29.50" 1075.0Hz (Db-53c)
2 Henry Bagley, Chacombe 1672 5-2-17 32.25" 1019.0Hz (C-46c)
3 Newcombe, Leicester 1602 7-0-10 35.25" 907.0Hz (Bb-48c)