Newbold Pacey, St George, Warwickshire

Newbold Pacey Bells: 4; 7cwt in B
Grid Reference: 151/299572
Postcode: CV35 9DP
District: Warwick
Peals: None
Practice Night: None
Service Ringing: None
Contact: Rev John Burrell The Rectory, Church Lane, Lighthorne, Warwick CV35 OAR

History Of The Bells

A small village church along a narrow lane. Look for the small "Church" sign off the main road, not to the Hall, the other one! It is a fair distance down the lane. There is some parking near to the church.

The ringing room is reached via a vertical ladder in the church porch.

The frame and fittings are probably of 1881, contemporary with the present church - but by a carpenter and builder (probably James Kibler of Wellesbourne) rather than a bellhanger. These bells are the only surviving complete ring by this foundry; other rings, e.g. Badsey and Hinton on the Green, having been augmented by other founders. They are therefore listed bells. Treble swings E-W along the South wall and the rest N-S in parallel pits on the North wall. None of the bells have been turned.

The treble is rung from the corner of the ringing room and the other 3 in a straight line down the middle of it - not using all of what is a fairly small ringing room.

Details Of The Bells
1 William Clarke & Michael Bushell, Evesham 1707 4cwt 26.50" 1344.0Hz (E+33c)
2 William Clarke & Michael Bushell, Evesham 1707 4½cwt 27.75" 1248.5Hz (D#+6c)
3 William Clarke & Michael Bushell, Evesham 1707 5¼cwt 29.875" 1146.0Hz (C#+57c)
4 William Clarke & Michael Bushell, Evesham 1707 7cwt 33.00" 997.5Hz (B+17c)