Sutton-under-Brailes, St Thomas á Becket, Warwickshire

Sutton-under-Brailes Bells: 5; 8-3-22 in Ab (GF)
Grid Reference: 151/299374
Postcode: OX15 5BH
District: Warwick
Peals: Felstead Database
Practice Night: By arrangement
Service Ringing: 9:00am-9.30am (3rd)
Recommended Pub: The George Inn, High Street, Lower Brailes, OX15 5HN Tel: 01608 685788
Contact: Jean Bryant, The Thatched Cottage, 9 The Green, Sutton-under-Brailes, Banbury, OX15 5BG

History of the Bells

A very pretty South Warwickshire Village. The highly decorated bells, a "listed" complete ring by William and Robert Cor of Aldourne, were retuned at Whitechapel and rehung by Whites of Appleton in the existing frame in 1983. They are strange bells, decorated with curious ornaments. The oak frame is dated 1846 and was made by John Davis, a local carpenter. He was paid £55/8/6 for "New roofing the tower and new frames for the bells". The bells are very long waisted in shape, having high crowns and curious bulging lips. They retain their canons and are listed bells. They had been chip tuned prior to the 1983 rehang.

The tower is on the side, rather than the end of the nave, i.e. on the South-East side, and the bells are rung from the porch - leaving the doors open on a nice sunny day is ideal.

The nominals of the bells have recently become available and the ring is just nearer to A than the previously quoted Ab.

There is limited parking on the grass verge just past the church. The village was transferred to Warwickshire from Gloucestershire in 1844.

Details of the Bells
1 William & Robert Cor, Aldbourne 1701 5-0-04 27.75" 1296.0Hz (E-30c)
2 William & Robert Cor, Aldbourne 1701 5-0-12 27.75" 1145.5Hz (D-44c)
3 William & Robert Cor, Aldbourne 1701 5-3-12 31.00" 1082.5Hz C#-41c)
4 William & Robert Cor, Aldbourne 1701 6-1-12 32.75" 962.5Hz (B-45c)
5 William & Robert Cor, Aldbourne 1701 8-3-22 36.75" 856.0Hz (A-48c)