Weston Under Wetherley, St Michael, Warwickshire

Weston under Wetherley Bells: 4; 8cwt in A - UNRINGABLE
Grid Reference/Map: 151/360692
Postcode: CV33 9BY
District: Warwick
Peals: None
Practice Night: None
Service Ringing: None
Recommended Pub: The Bull Inn, Rugby Rd, Weston Under Wetherley, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV33 9BP. Tel: 01926 632392
Contact: Rev. Tim Britton, The Vicarage, Leamington Road, Long Itchington, Southam, CV47 9PL

History of the Bells

These bells are very unringable, but the frame and fittings are of some historic interest and should be treated with care if the bells are ever to be restored. The bells hang in a seventeenth century oak frame built for four bells; it dates from about 1640. The stocks are possibly contemporary, but the wheels, clappers and some of the supporting ironwork were renewed in the early nineteenth century.

Bells two & three are badly cracked from the soundbow to the waist, due to being "clocked". This is a real pity as they are two of only three existing bells by this founder. Church Bells of Warwickshire says that the second was cracked as far back as 1830. The treble and tenor are said to be able to be swing chimed. All the bells bar the treble are "listed".

All the bells retain their canons and none have been quarter turned. The notes of the treble and tenor are D and A respectively, those of the middle bells are too badly cracked to check if they form the missing notes of the scale accurately.  

Details of the Bells
1 Hugh Watts II, Leicester 1624 4½cwt 27.50" 1193.5Hz (D+28c) 
2 Galfridus (Geoffrey) Giles, Coventry 1583 5cwt 29.00"    
3 Galfridus (Geoffrey) Giles, Coventry 1583 6cwt 31.625"    
4 Watts, Leicester (Generic) c.1592 7½cwt 34.50"  868.0Hz (A-24c)