Wellesbourne, St Peter, Warwickshire

Wellesbourne Bells: 8; 10-0-24 in G (GF)
Grid Reference/Map: 151/277556
Postcode: CV35 9LT
District: Warwick
Peals: Felstead Database
Practice Night: Thursday 7:45pm-9:00pm
Service Ringing: Sunday 9:45am-10:15am; 5:45pm-6:30pm
Recommended Pub: The Kings Head, Warwick Rd, Wellesbourne, Warwickshire, CV35 9LX Tel: 01789 840206 or
The Stags Head, 1 Chestnut Square, Wellesbourne, Warwickshire, CV35 9QS Tel: 01789 840266
Contact: Mr P Quinn, 22 Mountford Close, Wellesbourne, Warwick CV35 9QQ Click to Email

History of the Bells

One of many nice villages in South Warwickshire, a few miles down the A429 from its junction with the M40. The part of the village which contains the church is sometimes known as Wellesbourne Hastings - though you will not find a sign saying so! The church is well kept and has useful church rooms to the side.

The back six bells, a listed set of bells,  are a complete ring of 6 by Henry Bagley II of Chacombe. Bells 3 & 6 had been chip tuned prior to the ring being rehung and tuned and  by Taylors in 1955. The frame and fittings, including canon-retaining headstocks, are by Taylors, also 1955 at which point in time they quarter turned the bells. The back six retain their canons, but one of the double canons on the third, now fifth, is broken. The Taylors bells were cast with flat tops.

Two trebles were added in 1981 to celebrate their tercentenary of the ring of six. These were cast using metal from the tenor of the old three at Winderton, a redundant Chapel of Ease in Brailes parish.

The back six are the second oldest complete six after Martley in Worcestershire. The oldest is St Swithin's in Worcester, but these ware not all cast at one time.

Details of the Bells
1 John Taylor Bellfounders Ltd, Loughborough 1981 3-3-07 24.875" 1592.0Hz (G+26c)
2 John Taylor Bellfounders Ltd, Loughborough 1981 4-1-20 26.00" 1506.0Hz (F#+30c)
3 Henry Bagley II, Chacombe 1681 4-1-22 27.25" 1339.0Hz (E+27c)
4 Henry Bagley II, Chacombe 1681 4-2-02 28.375" 1193.0Hz (D+27c)
5 Henry Bagley II, Chacombe 1681 5-1-19 30.50" 1062.0Hz (C+25c)
6 Henry Bagley II, Chacombe 1681 6-0-12 32.25" 1003.0Hz (B+26c)
7 Henry Bagley II, Chacombe 1681 7-1-26 34.875" 895.0Hz (A+29c)
8 Henry Bagley II, Chacombe 1681 10-0-24 38.625" 795.0Hz (G+24c)