Youth Ringing

Coventry Spires

Coventry Spires

The Coventry Guild has had a youth ringing team, called “Coventry Spires”, for some years.  The group has entered The Ringing World National Youth Ringing Competition several times and it has been an enjoyable and rewarding event.  The competition takes place in a different venue each year and this gives the young ringers the chance to experience not only ringing on rings of bells that they have never rung on before, but also meeting a large group of ringers of their own age group.  It has been a hugely successful event.

By working with the aim of entering the competition in mind, as well as simply enjoying ringing with each other and being involved is other non-ringing group events, the Coventry Spires has enabled young ringers from across the Guild area to meet together, under adult supervision, with ringers from the Guild that are of their own age group. They do enjoy the ringing, but they also really enjoy the non-ringing bits too – especially when food is involved!

  • “Coming from a six bell tower, it’s been nice to have a go at more complex methods on higher numbers of bells, but in a laid back and fun environment.”

  • “I’ve probably picked up as many tips from the young ringers as the older ones!”

  • “I’d like to think all of those who have been part of the Coventry Spires and made it such a joyful experience, and would encourage any young ringers who may be considering to join in to give it a go!”Coventry Spires 2

Ringers up to the age of 18 are very welcome to join in. Contact Annie Hall, for further information,